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Share Your Views with the Commission

General Public

The Ontario Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission has a mandate to investigate how and why COVID-19 spread in long-term care homes, what was done to prevent the spread, and the impact of key elements of the existing system on the spread.

It has the power to consider any further areas where the government should take action to help prevent the future spread of disease in long-term care homes.

The Commission has been asked by the government to submit a final report by April 30, 2021.

As an Ontario citizen, you can have your say on these issues before the Commission. The Commission will receive written submissions from the public. The deadline for making a written submission to the Commission is February 16, 2021.

Guidelines for preparing submissions to the Commission

The following suggestions are guidelines only. They are not intended to limit groups, organizations, or individuals making submissions. Following these guidelines will help the work of the Commission. Submissions that don’t follow the guidelines will not be penalized.

Submissions from the general public to the Commission are considered public documents and are made available to the public for inspection and/or copying.

Content of submissions

Documents should deal specifically with the issues the Commission is considering. Refer to the Commission's Terms of Reference for details.

Consider the following suggestions when you prepare your documents:

Format of submissions

Please send your submission as an email to the Commission. Please state the following on the Subject Line: Submission to the Long-Term Care Commission.

email info@LTCcommission-CommissionSLD.ca

Sharing Confidential Information

Please note that, while the submissions of general public will not be posted on the web site, the Commissioners may use the information in the submission to aid their investigation. They may also refer to the submission in an interim or final report.

If you wish the information in your submission to remain confidential, please forward your submission to Carla Novakovic, the Commission’s Executive Assistant, at Carla.Novakovic@LTCcommission-CommissionSLD.ca. If you are unable to provide a written submission and are providing one with the assistance of staff, please indicate to staff that you wish for the information you are providing to remain confidential. The Commissioners will review all confidential information.

We may share the general themes expressed in confidential submissions without attribution in any interim or final report. Please note that if the confidential information you provide identifies an immediate risk to the health and safety of an individual or individuals, the Commission may take steps to ensure that this information is shared with those organizations who can address the risk.

Ontario's Long-Term Care COVID-19 Commission

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